In this course, Roger Osorio, Founder of The School of Reinvention and former globally-recognized executive coach at IBM, will teach the 4 Building Blocks to Ongoing and Repeatable Success.

This special training on the four building blocks will cover why each is important and necessary for repeatable success, how to begin practicing them, and where to go to learn about the science and art behind each of them.

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What's included in this course?

Success is something we mostly celebrate when it happens. We hit a big sales target or close a big deal. Maybe we got approval for a major initiative. We work hard for those moments and then we can finally celebrate and rest.

But, how do we design for repeatable success?

How do we design for sustainable and ongoing success in our careers?

What are the foundations for repeatable success?

For those who are just getting started with their careers or pivoting into new ones, what building blocks can you put in place in order to achieve that first success and many more?

I have always been incredibly interested in what makes success repeatable. I ask questions like...

How can we design for constant and never ending improvement?

How can we build ourselves for repeatable and sustainable success?

I have been fortunate to go deep in a few areas like coaching, speaking, and teaching. Over the last 10 years, I have had the opportunity to:

Coach over 3,000 people
Deliver over 500 talks
Teach over 5,000 students in math, entrepreneurship, leadership, coaching, and success strategies

Reflecting on that growth, I was able to identify several patterns and insights that I believe provided me with the foundation upon which I could repeat and grow those successes over time. Not just in quantity but also in quality.

And these aren't practices that I only had to do once and it was done, these are the every year, every quarter, every month, and every day strategies and practices that I must develop and improve upon in order to keep those building blocks strong.

Just like when a building is neglected, its foundation can start to break down. I found that the building blocks to success are no different and require consistent upkeep and maintenance in order for them to stay strong 💪

5 years ago, someone challenged me to distill these strategies, ideas, and practices into a short talk that I could deliver to the entire IBM European HQ campus.

Since I didn't have much time, I decided on 4 building blocks to success. I figured if I ran out of time, at least I'd leave the group with the first three and have a reason to get invited back to speak and deliver the fourth :)

I managed to get to all 4 and I got invited to return to Dublin to deliver that talk 3 more times to the entire campus. I would eventually go on to deliver the same talk, a dozen more times in several cities, including:

- Bucharest, Romania
- Raleigh, North Carolina
- New York City
- San Francisco, California
- Austin, Texas
- Hyderabad, India (virtually)

Nearly every time I delivered that talk, I discovered and learned more about my own reflections on these 4 building blocks. They go beyond simply practices, they are major areas that play a significant role in the foundation for sustainable success.

These four building blocks that make up the foundation for sustainable success are:

- Mindset & Beliefs
- Clarity
- Performance
- Recovery

I have learned that these four building blocks must all be developed and maintained in order to repeat and sustain success in whatever area, field, or topic you choose.

In addition, in this talk, I'll cover ways that you can begin to improve upon or develop each of the building blocks.

I'll share resources for you to continue your learning in these areas.

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About Roger Osorio, Presenter

Roger Osorio is the founder of The School of Reinvention, where his mission is to empower people to define success on their terms and reinvent themselves to go get it! Roger is also a member of the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania where he teaches for the graduate school. Roger is also a professor at Sarah Lawrence College where he teaches entrepreneurship to undergraduate students.

Prior to launching The School of Reinvention, Roger was a globally-recognized executive coach and educator at IBM where he taught courses on success strategies, leadership development, executive coaching, and intrapreneurship.

In an earlier life, Roger spent 8 years teaching math to middle and high school students. To this day, Roger credits his time teaching math as, by-far, the best training in coaching and speaking he has ever experienced!

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