In this course, Roger Osorio, Founder of The School of Reinvention and former globally-recognized executive coach at IBM, will teach you How to Get Started with Coaching Employees and Coworkers.

This special training on effective coaching skills is designed for any leader, individual contributor, or sales manager interested in augmenting their leadership and communication style with fundamental coaching skills in order to drive employee engagement, talent development, coaching culture, or simply make an impact on the people in their organization. 

What level is this course?
This course level is primarily designed for people who have not received any formal coach training or taken any coaching courses in the past.

People who have recently completed introductory coach training and have less than 50 hours of coaching practice would also benefit from the content in this course.

If you are ready to learn how to upgrade your interactions and learn key coaching skills in order to help people at a higher level, then hit the blue button to access this free course on coaching at work.

Do you ever just wish you could do more for your coworkers or employees? 

Maybe you’ve thought, “I know I can help, I just don’t know how to approach it or how to actually help them…”

“How can I really help them, I’m too young or too inexperienced…”

“I don’t have the authority or the title to help them…” 

Perhaps you want to play a bigger role in your organization?  

Contribute in a more meaningful way? 

If so, hit the button above (or below) to learn the strategies for adding massive value to the humans - teammates, employees, managers - around you in your organization! 

In this course, I’m going to distill a decade of coaching experience and insights from having coached over 3,000 professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, students, executives, and athletes into just a few key skills you can begin to practice right away.

A grower and developer of human talent and potential is significantly more rare and valuable than a manager of talent. 

This is because growing and developing human talent is significantly more challenging and those skills are rarely taught to managers (much less to individual contributors) in corporate or company training.  
If you can grow/develop talent, then you don’t need to depend as much on acquiring top talent. In fact, you are the producer of top talent!

Because there are so few, most companies don’t even have titles or roles for these incredible and amazing people! 🤦🏻‍♂️ 

Most of the time, the responsibility of developing talent is put on learning and development (L&D) to figure out. L&D might launch a few classes on some select skills or launch a program that is then scaled too soon and doesn’t really do the job effectively. And in many cases, if as an individual contributor (and even manager) you ask for funding to level up in an external class, they'll point you right back to the generic internal L&D offerings in order to save money 🤷🏻‍♂️

But let’s face it, we know that to grow and develop human talent, it takes more than just courses and programs. It takes people who care about you, your growth, and push you to break through your limits. 

It requires someone that has the skills to...
  • challenge you and your ideas in a constructive way
  • provide world class targeted feedback
  • push you to do more than you thought you could do
  • help you get clarity on your goals, challenges, and opportuities
  • and last but not least, to hold you accountable 
And the good news is that none of this requires a title to do! Anyone can learn how to do this in their organizations, no matter what role or title you have.

Coaching skills are the fundamental drivers of talent development.  

You can learn the most important ones without committing to expensive coach training programs or advanced degrees. Equipped with these skills you can begin to make a difference for your colleagues and an impact on your organization. And for those of you that decide to take your coach training further, this session will give you a great head start. 

So how do coaches do it?

Can you believe that the best coaches and trainers say very little, but they listen and watch a lot. Crazy, right? 

How can you help people while saying so little?

How can I do a lot without doing much? 🤔

How do I help people by just listening and observing? 🤷🏻‍♂️

These are the skills of a coach. Coaches have acquired a very special set of skills, experiences, and practice that have taught them how to extract performance out of humans. 

Once upon a time ago, I spent 8 years teaching math in both 1-on-1 settings and in the classroom. The biggest lesson I learned about how to effectively teach was the less I said, the more learning that happened 🤯 In other words, coaching! 

If I simply asked the right questions and listened or gave short targeted instructions and observed, then my students simply did what they were always capable of doing - learning and growing in math - but just didn’t know, believe, or think they could do. 

I’ll never forget, when coaching math students 1-on-1, I would sit back most of the time, answer my client’s question with a question, never actually answering a question. The student would figure out the problem and thank me and I would reply, “what are you thanking me for?” They would give me credit for teaching them how to solve that difficult problem. I would ask them to reflect on what I actually did and they would soon realize I didn’t do much. It was their victory, not mine. I simply listened, nudged them with questions, and observed. That’s it!

And while I appreciate a thank you, I don’t want it for their performance or success, I simply want my clients to thank me for having pushed them, challenged them, and created the conditions for them to drive their own success.

As I started to expand my coaching practice to include small business owners, student leaders, startup and tech entrepreneurs, educators, leaders, executives, and athletes, I realized very quickly that the same insight applied. 

As a coach, the most speaking I do involves asking questions, repeating/paraphrasing, and telling stories. 

One of my favorite things to hear a client say after they’ve spent the last 5-10 minutes stating and explaining their question is, “wait a minute! Never mind, I think I just answered my own question.” 💪

This is what coaches do, they empower people to...

-find their own solution
-own the result
-own the performance
-and own their success! 

In over 10 years of coaching practice, I’ve had the opportunity and honor of coaching over 3,000 people around the world 🙏

And I’ve learned that no matter what the culture, these core strategies and patterns hold true across peoples and cultures. 

These same skills and strategies can help you be a more successful teammate, contributor, and leader in your organization.

I’m not talking about titles or authority, I’m talking about leading with influence, driving results, contributing with intention, and consistently growing the people around you. 

In this session, I am going to share strategies for becoming...

-the kind of teammate or leader that makes everyone around them better
-the kind of person that people come to for support and guidance, not for answers
-the kind of person that people say, “they simply make the people around them better!” 

If you are a giver and contributor at heart and you want to be more effective at giving and contributing, this session will introduce you to some of the fundamental strategies and skills that make the best coaches successful so that you can begin practicing and developing them in your own work. 

In fact, you’ll be able to put several of these strategies into practice right after the session!

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