Take your Reinvention Mastermind and give it a boost with 3 individual coaching sessions to help you get ultimate clarity and create a custom map to take you from where you are to where you want to be!

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Reinvention Mastermind + 3 Coaching Sessions

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This package includes full access to the Reinvention Mastermind plus 3 coaching sessions.

What past clients had to say...

"I have been extremely lucky to have Roger as my executive coach! Not only has he made me think differently about my career accomplishments, he has taught me new ways to hold myself accountable for achieving my goals." -Lauren, Transformation Executive at IBM

"His approach to coaching, emphasis on detail and accountability, and holistic insight into workplace efficiency and motivation are both unique and insightful, and has been instrumental in my time navigating the corporate landscape. What I love most about Roger is that he encourages thoughtful introspection, so much so that I leave each session with profound insights about my own tendencies and, thanks to his expertise in psychology, of human behavior." -Julius, Digital Strategist

"Roger is not only challenging and insightful, but also patient and understanding, he is firm and straightforward, and also fun and inspiring. Work with him, he’ll make a difference in your professional and personal life!" - Elena, Learning & Leadership Development Manager